Królestwo / The Kingdom 2014


The Kingdom, stop-motion animation, ‘4”16, 2014
Królestwo to owoc intensywnego przebywania w jednym miejscu, w podstawowym środowisku własnego mieszkania. W skład realizacji wchodzi animacja, obiekt oraz rysunki, które opowiadają o historiach, katastrofach i mizernej przyszłości wyczytanej z brudnych kafelków i błędów w deseniu z tapety.




The Kingdom is a series of works about a basic environment; in this case my room, being a booster for thinking about the unlikely yet possible future problems. ‘The Kingdom’ consists of an animation, two objects and a series of drawings. The work is an outcome of the year after my graduation when I was sitting for days in my room and because of a lack of impulses coming up with bizarre visions that I thought I could read from the pattern of my dirty wallpaper. It’s symptomatic that while being surrounded by four walls and having a lot of time to think (in the breaks between doing utterly uninteresting jobs) you focus on details which under different circumstances you’d undoubtedly omit.